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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kristen Stewart Reveals Her Favorite Kind Of Interview

9:12 PM
Kristen Stewart Reveals Her Favorite Kind Of Interview

And it's the interviews she gets to do with her fans! Kristen shows us once more how down-to-earth she is when she admits that she 'loves' fan interviews. Kristen Stewart is beloved by her fans, as the many million Twi-hards around the world will testify! In a new promotional interview for On The Road, she admits she "absolutely love[s]" doing interviews with fans who run the Twilight websites. How sweet! Read on to see what Kristen had to say about her fans. Kristen & Her Fans Kristen fans have stuck by her through thick and thin, even when her devastating summer affair with Rupert Sanders was revealed. So it is no surprise that she loves her fans back! She admits that she enjoys sitting down with her fans from Twilight and On The Road: "I don't get to have very many involved conversations with Twilight fans," Kristen tells Movie Fanatic. "Sometimes the girls that run the fan sites will come in and do an interview, and I absolutely love doing that. I've gotten to talk to a lot of passionate On the Road fans. The difference is that there's a lot to feel in Twilight. But with On the Road, there's


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